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Easy steps to order!

  1. Find the product online
  2. Copy the web address of the site
  3. Fill the smart form in order now on our website
  4. Get a quote by email
  5. Make payment at any EKO bank branch with the below account details:
    Account Number 5422009223
  6. Get a confirmation from us that your order has been processed
  7. Receive a confirmation that your item has been received in our warehouse and is on its way to Nigeria
  8. Get your item delivered to you at your chosen address

What it cost!

In addition to the shipping cost, we will charge:

10% of the total purchase cost for items below £1000 (with a minimum fee of £20)
15% of the total purchase cost for items that range from £1000 to £2500
20% of the total purchase cost for all items above £2500